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Department of Public Administration was established in 1963. The history can trace back to 1929 when National ChengChi University was in Mainland China. It offers the complete public administration course including the undergraduate program started in 1963, master program started in 1964, and the doctoral program was set up in 1989; it also plays an important role for the public administration academic development bridge cross the Taiwan strait. 

The goal of this department is to cultivate outstanding people for the fields of public administration, the third sectors, and the academic research. In fact, the department has consistently produced graduates of fine quality. Many alumni are highly successful in their careers, notably managers and executives in both public and business sectors, as well as professors and researchers in institutions, to name just a few. Now the department is ranked top one among its equals in Taiwan.


To meet the national demand of fast developed society, the education of this department focus on professional knowledge, skills and important basic perspectives of public administration in order to cultivate the humanism execution of both democratic spirit and social care for Taiwan. There are three characteristics of the education in this department.
1.Future Direction of Course
Except the present class schedule: Organization Theory, Human Resources and Public Policy in the status quo, more new classes will open in the future, including E-Governance, Regulative Policy, and Cross-Sectors Management.
2.Constant Improvement of Teachers
We will invite both national and international experts to teach in this department. Except reach teaching experiences and passion, individual research performance and quality will be the most important criteria for teachers.
Observing the trend of globalization and in formation-intensive society, we recognize the necessary to design many programs to follow and even reinvent the trend of the new age. The programs include international seminar, regular speeches, Abroad Study Program, International Experts Exchange Program, International Contract of Research Corporation. We hope to establish the permanent international strategic partnership with some international research institutions through regular corporation programs.

The faculty of this department usually win outstanding research price from National Science Council and get research support for their high quality performance. Thus, it further encourages the department to shape the professional policy research team and the academic think tank for this society.

Except the education system, the department also offers professional consultant service in relative fields for governments, institutes, and the third sector organizations.
1.The faculty of this department usually participate the consultant commission for public sectors such as MOCS, Minister of Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Education, Personal Administration Institute, Research and Development Institute, and Government Information Office.
2.The department is always the volunteer to participate the work from non-profit organizations and the third sectors enthusiastically.
3. Faculty of this department usually undertake the mission to participate National Examinations.
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