Journal of Public Administration

Influential Factors of Electronic Cross- Boundary Governance: An Exploratory Study with Multiple CasesLung-Teng Hu, Kuan-Chiu Tseng, Chih-Kai Chang, Rong-Chih Huang1-39閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
The Issues on Project for Cross-Field Value-Adding in Public Works Financial PlanningTsung-Yu Lai, Wei-Chiang Su41-74閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Research Trends in the Topics and Methods of Public Administration Graduate Theses in Taiwan: A Multilevel PerspectiveWen-Jong Juang, Shun-Chuan Chang75-107閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Ensure the Public Bureaucracy to Become the Guardian of DemocracyKuan-Chiu Tseng109-119閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
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