Journal of Public Administration

The Governance of Social Enterprise in Taiwan: An Analysis Based on 2010 Survey Findings and Four CasesYu-Yuan Kuan, Kam-Tong Chan, Shu-Twu Wang1-33閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Investigating the Factors Affecting the Service Quality of Street-Level Bureaucracies: An Analysis of the Applicants and Winners of Government Service Quality AwardKuan-Chiu Tseng, Shu-Hsien Chao35-72 閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
An Empirical Study of the Influence of Workplace Spirituality to Organizational Behavior: Spirituality of Individual Public Officials as Intermediate VariableChuang-Hsien Wu73-107 閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
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