Journal of Public Administration

TitleThe Governance of Social Enterprise in Taiwan: An Analysis Based on 2010 Survey Findings and Four Cases
作者Yu-Yuan Kuan, Kam-Tong Chan, Shu-Twu Wang
作者說明Yu-Yuan Kuan, Professor, Department of Social Welfare, National Chung Cheng University, e-mail: yuankuan46@gmail.com.

Kam-Tong Chan, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, e-mail:

Shu-Twu Wang, Professor, Department of Social Work, National Pintung University of Science and Technology, e-mail:
摘要Social enterprises in Taiwan are in a stage of growth, and are becoming more diversified. Solving the problem of unemployment and alleviating poverty seem to be two major goals pursued by NPOs when they set up a social enterprise. In order to make further inquiry into the development of social enterprises within the Taiwanese community, we consider it significant to shed light on the issues of the governance of social enterprises. As a result, this paper aims to explore the governance of social enterprises in Taiwan, including the analysis of several dimensions on issues such as the dynamics of the governance structure and function, board composition and CEO, and institutional adjustments in the board and CEO within the social enterprise sector in Taiwan. The data used for this paper come from surveys conducted in 2010. In addition, this paper will be supplemented by a collection of the qualitative data from interviews with key leaders (e.g., board members and CEOs) of four social enterprises in Taiwan.

Keywords: social enterprises, governance, nonprofit organization (NPO), boards of directors, chief executive officer (CEO)
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