Journal of Public Administration

TitleInvestigating the Factors Affecting the Service Quality of Street-Level Bureaucracies: An Analysis of the Applicants and Winners of Government Service Quality Award
作者Kuan-Chiu Tseng, Shu-Hsien Chao
作者說明Kuan-Chiu Tseng, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Tamkang University.
Shu-Hsien Chao, Master of Public Administration, Tamkang University.
摘要his study is intended to be a preliminary investigation of the factors influencing the service performance of street-level bureaucracies. Since advocates of the New Public Management assert that public organizations have to create a performance-oriented culture, service quality improvement gradually becomes an integral part of the reform movement in the public sector. Although much attention has been paid to the measurement of service quality and the issue of managerial strategies, the relationships between institutional context and organizational attributes and service quality improvement have as yet received relatively scant attention. To bridge the potential knowledge gaps, the authors argue that soft factors (i.e., leadership and management) and hard factors (i.e., institution and organization) are both crucial factors in determining public service performance. Methodologically, the authors establish a data set in accordance with the application records related to “the Government Service Quality Award” (2009-2013) of “the street-level bureaucracies”. Three significant factors, including reference groups, administration regions, and the number of long-term public employees, are identified and explicated, with research limitations also being discussed.
Keywords: street-level bureaucracies, service quality improvement, public service performance, Government Service Quality Award, new public management
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