Journal of Public Administration

TitleAn Empirical Study of the Influence of Workplace Spirituality to Organizational Behavior: Spirituality of Individual Public Officials as Intermediate Variable
作者Chuang-Hsien Wu
作者說明Associate professor, Department of Public Administration and Management, National University of Tainan. e-mail: wuchuanghsien@gmail.com.
摘要Previous studies have proven that modern enterprise organizations can effectively promote staff members’ positive organizational behavior by introducing spirituality into the workplace. However, only a few studies have investigated the potential harm that spirituality can do to the private sector, such as manipulating employees’ ethics and forcing infidel proselytism. When we review the history of politics, religious spirituality used to play a very critical role in both political philosophy and policy implementation. Therefore, nowadays, manipulating employees’ ethics and forcing infidel proselytism may cause negative effects when public officials implement certain moral policies. Nevertheless, related academic issues are not allowed to be discussed due to the tradition of “secularism”.
Distinctive from previous investigations, this study not only reviews the positive effects of spirituality, but also systematically identifies existing literature which takes into account negative effects. In addition, public officers rather than private employees are targeted. A quantitative method is applied to validate propositions that have been extracted in previous case studies. Finally, this study characterizes the complicated two-faced relationship in demonstrating how spirituality influences public officers’ organizational behavior.

Keywords: workplace spirituality, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, decision-making ethics, individual spirituality
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