Journal of Public Administration

TitleA Study on Community Capacity and Community Life Quality: Implications for Community Governance and Community Development
作者Yuan-Shie Hwang, Li-Hsin Chuang, Su-Jen Liu

Yuan-Shie Hwang, Distinguished Professor, Department of Social Policy & Social Work, National Chi-Nan University.

Li-Hsin Chuang, Assistant Professor, Program of Interdisciplinary Studies on Indigenous Development, National Chi-Nan University, e-mail: lhchuang@ncnu.edu.tw.

Su-Jen Liu, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sociology, Nan-Hau University.

摘要This study aims to investigate the relationship between community capacity (CC) and community life quality (CLQ) and, in particular, the impact of CC on CLQ. Based on its findings, the study is further intended to explore the implications for ‘community governance’ and ‘community development’ in Taiwan. The CC is divided into two categories – community statics capacity (CSC) and community dynamic capacity (CDC). The CSC scale includes 52 items and is further grouped into 5 dimensions, and CDC includes 40 items and is further categorized into 4 dimensions. The CLQ scale is divided into individual-level life quality and community-level life quality. The former includes 27 items and is further divided into 3 dimensions. The latter includes 44 items and is further divided into 3 dimensions.

640 leaders of Community Development Associations in Taiwan were successfully interviewed. The results show that there are significant and positive correlations between CC and CLQ. Further, the ‘financial capacity’ of CSC, and the ‘participative capacity’ of CDC significantly influence CLQ. According to the findings and discussions, five implications and suggestions related to promoting community governance and community development are proposed.

Keywords:  community capacity, community life quality, community governance, community development, Association of Community Development


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