Journal of Public Administration

TitleProblematization in Problem Identification Process
作者Herlin Chien
作者說明Herlin Chien, Assistant Professor, Department of International Affairs, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, email: 98036@mail.wzu.edu.tw
摘要Public policymaking has long been considered a science of rational problem solving. However, the literature has not yet adequately addressed how policy “problems” are given specific meanings in particular contexts. This research uses a comparative empirical study in Taiwan to observe the process of problem identification in three different policy domains. This study contributes to an understanding of the practical logic of policy making as individual policy practitioners assign interpretations to “problems” in their daily practices and argues the need for policy analysts and policy-makers to be self-reflexive to enhance problem solving capability. A two-phase problematization analysis is performed: first a triadic analysis of the ethos, logos and pathos of problem solving cases; second, Bacchi’s “What’s the problem represented to be?” (WPR) approach is adapted and modified as a systematic guideline for problematizing and critically reflecting on the process of problem representation by questioning assumptions.

Keywords:  public policy, problem identification, WPR approach, problematization, post-structuralism


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