Journal of Public Administration

TitleWhere Do Innovative Ideas Come from? The Relationship between Information Source and Quality of Innovation
作者Chung-Pin Lee
作者說明Chung-Pin Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Tamkang
University, e-mail: chungpin@mail.tku.edu.tw.

When viewed from the perspective of policy development, both the original sources and the quality of the channels through which policy ideas are communicated and proposed are closely related to whether a given policy can be accomplished within a short span of time. This relationship holds particularly true with regard to innovative policies, which are often characterized by their high levels of uncertainty. This study aims to (1) explore the sources of innovative ideas and (2) reveal the most valuable idea sources. The results indicate that the source for most local government innovative ideas originates from within the government itself. Most respondents also believe that internal sources of innovation are more influential on the later phases of adoption and implementation. Analysis of the different channels of innovative idea delivery reveals that innovations resulting from channels with higher levels of interaction generally score higher in all innovation characteristics, with the sole exception of academic meetings. Thus, channels with greater interactivity generate innovations that have a higher chance of being adopted. This research is the first study to systematically examine the source of government innovation. It is hoped that this research may lead to renewed interest in the area of innovation.

Keywords:  innovation, policy idea, local government, information source, policy characteristics


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