Journal of Public Administration

TitleExploration of the Relationship between the Service Delivery Quality of Community Care Stations and Successful Aging: the Moderation of Cognition on Government Role
作者Guang-Xu Wang

In order to increase the probability of elders’ successful aging, the government has taken actions to introduce a new policy of community social welfare since 2005. The community care station policy is the most important such practice in Taiwan. This paper attempts to explore the relationship between the service delivery quality of community care stations in Tainan city and successful aging of the service users. Moreover, the moderating role of the service users’ policy cognition of the community care station policy is discussed as well. The finding indicates that (1) the satisfaction mark for the factor “service delivers’ skills and service awareness” is higher than the one for environment and facilities of community care stations; (2) the quality of hardware and software services of community care stations is statistically significant for users’ successful aging by controlling demographic variables and social interactive variables; (3) the moderation of government role between perceived service provision quality and users’ successful aging is verified. The practical and theoretical implications of the study findings are discussed.

Keywords: successful aging, community care station, service quality, cognition on government role, aging in place

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