Journal of Public Administration

TitleA Study of Policy Innovation and Diffusion of the Bookstart Program in Taiwan: A Policy Knowledge Management Approach
作者Yu-Chang Ke
作者說明Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration, National Chi Nan University, email: ycke@ncnu.edu.tw.

The policy process of the Taiwan Bookstart program involves policy innovation and diffusion at different levels of government, which includes adapting the policy diffusion process used in foreign countries to Taiwan, and that used in Taichung County to other cities and counties. This process involves the activities of knowledge utilization and management, i.e., collecting, processing, and utilizing a variety of information. Accordingly, this study considers policy knowledge management as important variables, and proposes the knowledge management model of policy innovation and diffusion, as well as verifies the model. This study utilizes the methods of survey and SEM (structural equation modeling) to discuss the relationships among these variables. It also explores the direct effect of as well as the direction effect of seven independent variables—information characteristics, role cognitive, individual characteristics, information satisfaction, knowledge utilization, and external organizational relationships (vertical, horizontal), as well as the indirect effect of these variables through the variables of knowledge management—information satisfaction and knowledge management (two intervening variables). The research results show that the paths and effects of knowledge management account for 53.06% of the variances of the decision-making of policy diffusion, which is greater than that of non-knowledge independent variables. Accordingly, knowledge management can be considered to be the most important factors of the policy innovation and diffusion of the Bookstart program in Taiwan.

Keywords: policy innovation and diffusion, Bookstart Taiwan, policy knowledge management, knowledge utilization, SEM


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