Journal of Public Administration

TitleA Spatial-Temporal Scan on the Corruption of Counties in Taiwan
作者Hsin-Chung Liao, Ming-Li Hsu

Hsin-Chung Liao, Associate Professor Department Public Policy and Management, Shih Hsin University.
Ming-Li Hsu, is currently a Ph.D. student, Department of Public Administration National Chengchi University.

摘要SaTScan is often used by the researchers in epidemiology and criminology. This tool is usually used to examine if a pattern exists. This study has been undertaken to explore the pattern of the prosecution rate for corruption among the counties in Taiwan during the period 2006-2012 by using SaTScan with a time-temporal analysis function.


The results show that there is no regular risk area among counties. However, New Taipei City(2009), Kaohsiung City(2008), Taoyuan County(2012), Hsinchu County(2012), Hsinchu City(2012), Miaoli County(2012), Taichung City(2012), Nantou County(2012), and Taitung County(2012) are identified as high-risk areas in different years. In addition, education and economic variables are associated with the prosecution rate for corruption, and this finding is worthy of future research.


Keywords: time-temporal scan, spatial analysis, public servant corruption, geographical information system, SaTScan


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