Journal of Public Administration

TitleThe Implementation of the Research Commercialization Policy in Taiwan: A Case Study
作者Yi-Ying Wang, Wan-Ling Huang
作者說明Yi-Ying Wang, Master of Public Policy, Tamkang University.

Wan-Ling Huang (corresponding author), Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University.

摘要The Taiwanese government adopted the Science and Technology Basic Law (STBL) in 1999. Article. 6 of the STBL allows universities to own the intellectual property rights of the research funded by the government, and to assume the responsibility of promoting the use of university research. This action is called the “Research Commercialization Policy (RCP).” Prior research mainly focused on quantitative analyses, while few studies employ a qualitative approach to determining the problems facing policy stakeholders when implementing the RCP. Our study aims at making this determination. National Taiwan University (NTU) and Tamkang University (TKU) were selected for our case study. By interviewing the staff of the technology transfer offices (TTOs) and the faculty members of the two universities, we determined the degree of stakeholders’ compliance with the RCP in these universities and identified the factors that explain the differences in policy compliance among the stakeholders. Our findings show that NTU has more resources and better quantitative performance than TKU has, while the stakeholders of TKU present a higher degree of policy compliance. In addition, we show that the interaction among policy stakeholders is an important determinant apart from the behavioral motivation, resources and individual cognition that have been discussed in the literature. We conclude that the major problems that universities face when implementing the RCP include lack of resources, interference by government agencies and the gap between university and industry. The findings of our study have policy implications for university managers and decision makers.

Keywords: research commercialization policy, Science and Technology Basic Law, policy stakeholders, policy compliance, case study 

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