Journal of Public Administration

TitleInnate Personality and Acquired Ability: Factors Affecting Innovation Attitude and Behavior of Public Servants
作者Chung-Pin Lee
作者說明Chung-Pin Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University, e-mail: cplee@gm.ntpu.edu.tw
摘要By using data from a questionnaire survey aimed at local government first-line managers, the purpose of the present study is to discuss the influence of intrinsic and extrinsic forces on the innovative behavior of civil servants. Intrinsic psychological forces are the psychological characteristics of individual public servants, e.g., public service motivation, egoism. Extrinsic forces are the attempts made by public sector organizations to enhance human resources, e.g., job rotation (in order to increase task diversity), educational training, flexible personnel regulations, rewards, authorization, team creation, leadership opportunities, informal group creation, etc. These two types of independent variables are used to predict public servants’ innovative behavior. The results of this research have important implications for practitioners. It is directly related to the effectiveness of public servant human resource development programs and the development strategy of public servant human resource management. Public servants’ willingness to innovate is also directly tied with government performance. The theoretical implications of the results are also important, since they allow for a reconciliation of human resource development activities with individual innovative behavior, thereby bridging a gap often ignored in past literature.

Keywords: policy innovation, human resource management, public servant, public service motivation, psychological characteristics

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