Journal of Public Administration

TitleThe Fall of Collaborative Governance? Current Collaboration between Local Governments and Non-Profit Organizati
作者Shu-Hsin Lin
作者說明Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University, e-mail: susin@ mail.ntpu.edu.tw.
摘要Nowadays, non-profit organizations have become a major force in helping the public sector carrying out various public services. Theoretically, an ideal collaborative relationship includes equality, mutual goals, trust, etc. However, in daily practice, conflicts occur due to cognitive differences in factors related with collaboration. Therefore, this study looks into the cognitive differences among six cities, including Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Taitung, and eleven non-profit organizations to outline the nature of the collaboration between local governments and non-profit organizations. The purpose of this research is to discuss the issues such collaboration faces, and the means to mitigate such differences.
The study finds three main reasons driving the collaboration gap between local governments and non-profit organizations: (1) the purpose of the collaboration affects the internal culture and structure within public agencies; (2) “out-sourcing” affects the mutual understanding between equality and mutual trust; (3) “type of organization” and “type of business activity” are the most important factors affecting collaborative relationships. Therefore, to mitigate the gap in collaborative relationships, this research seeks to introduce the following three paths: (1) simplify the bureaucratic process within the partnership – only by thinking outside the box and regarding out-sourcers as partners can a positive partnership cycle be constructed; (2) break the culture of bureaucracy to establish an effective communication channel; (3) non-profit organizations must strengthen the ability to raise talent and funding for self-empowerment and enhancing the equal status within the partnership.

Keywords:local government, non-profit organization, partnership, procurement, organizational culture
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