Journal of Public Administration

TitleThe Initiation, Practice, and Prerequisites for Pursuing Restorative Environmental Justice in Brownfield Community: A Case Study on Redevelopment Policy in Spartanburg, South Carolina
作者Tsuey-Ping Lee
摘要This study intends to investigate the initiation, practice and prerequisites for pursuing restorative environmental justice in an environmental injustice community located in Spartanburg, South Carolina through in-depth interview, observation, and historical document analysis. Based on the definition of restorative environmental justice, three dimensions, that is, emphasizing the harms and needs of victims, cultivating stakeholders’ sense of responsibility on correcting environmental injustice, and facilitating stakeholder communication and participation, were utilized to analyze the practice of restoration in brownfield community. This study found that, under the circumstances unfavorable to law suit and indemnity request, restorative environmental justice is chosen by the community as a result of considering the trade-off between benefits from class action and integrated community well-being. Social, political, and legal prerequisites provided strong support for pursuing restorative environmental justice in the community. The social factors include a community-based organization that embraces restorative perspective and is trusted by the residents, Christianity and traditional African culture. The political factors include an increase in political participation, network partnership and word-of-mouth effect, and strategy for motivating participatory willingness of the government. Legal factors include unfavorable conditions for class action and indemnity request, and brownfield redevelopment-oriented law-making.

restorative environmental justice, brownfield redevelopment policy, environmental governance, environmental politics, community revitalization
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