Journal of Public Administration

Collective Action Perspectives on Interlocal Collaboration, Perception of Action Support and Action Outcomes: A Study of Local Government Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction MovementSsu-Hsien Chen1-39閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
An Evaluability Assessment and Implementation Evaluation of the Rural Landscape Reformation Comprehensive ProjectLi-Lan Juang, Yung-Mau Chao, Hong-Wung Wang41-82閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
A Study on Factors Affecting Police Repression against ProtestsJhi-Kuen Chen83-130閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Open Government Data and Data ManagementJyh-Yih Hsu, Chu-Chun Wang, Yu-Lin Liu, Hwai-Yuan Hsu131-162閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
“From local practice of energy governance to universal state of energy democracy? Local Energy Committee as an actor” in response to “The local praxis of renewable energy policy in Taiwan: The case of rooftop solar PV systems in Kaohsiung”Kuei-Tien Chou, Mu-Xing Lin163-170閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
The Network Perspective in Climate Change: Exploring the Negotiation Complexity of Environmental Politics Chu-Chien Hsieh171-187閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
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