Journal of Public Administration

TitleCollective Action Perspectives on Interlocal Collaboration, Perception of Action Support and Action Outcomes: A Study of Local Government Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Movement
作者Ssu-Hsien Chen

Associate Professor, National Taipei University, Department of Public Administration and Policy, e-mail: iloveniatoo@gmail.com

摘要Using local governments as analytic units, this research defined interlocal collaboration as a pattern of collective actions among local governments, and tried to detect the impact of the collective actions on local policy movement on energy saving and carbon reduction. Local government perception of the action support was treated as an intervening variable. Data collection was derived based on two approaches: one was from the government open data systems and websites to establish the secondary data set in this research; the other was from a general questionnaire survey to measure local government perception and identification of relevant concepts of the policy actions. The operational instruments of the measurement had already been confirmed by the reliability and validity tests. The questionnaires were delivered to local governments through the bureaucratic-official document system, and the respondents were requested to answer the questions corresponding to the empirical situation or conditions. The responsive rates were 100% of the special-city/county/city samples (with total observation=22), and 66.67% of the country/township/county-administrative-city/special-district samples (with total observations=136). The methods of descriptive statistics, pair correlations and ordinal least square regression were employed in this research. Research findings indicate that, regarding the country/township/county-administrative-city/special-district observations, the participation in interlocal collaboration could generate a positive and significant effect to carry the low-carbon commuting actions and the low-carbon footprint incentive actions. With a longer time participating in the collaboration networks, local governments experienced a better chance to win the designation of national champion among low-carbon sustainability communities. Regarding the special-city/county/city observations, though interlocal collaboration could help facilitate low-carbon footprint incentive actions, it has an insignificant effect on the ability to gain the status and awards of national champion. Perception of action support enhanced local government actions toward energy saving and environmental sustainability on each of the two levels of municipalities. Moreover, action support perception could extend the effect of interlocal collaboration on the action outcomes. To conclude, the collective actions among local governments emerge as a useful mechanism toward local actions on energy saving and carbon reduction. In particular, when local governments perceive a positive image on action support from the public, the effect of interlocal collaboration is enhanced and the action outcome is promoted.
Keywords: local governments, collective actions, energy saving and carbon reduction, interlocal collaboration, perception of action support
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