Journal of Public Administration

TitleA Study on Factors Affecting Police Repression against Protests
作者Jhi-Kuen Chen
作者說明Master’s degree, Department of Public Policy and Management, Shih Hsin University, e-mail: phoenix720622@yahoo.com.tw
摘要In theory, members of the police force act as street-level bureaucrats. They implement, make decisions, and use weapons while performing their duties. It is very important to think about the meaning of police administrative behavior in democratic politics, and in particular the interaction between the police force and protests. This study attempts to understand protest outlines, the content of police repression, and the interaction between police repression and protests. Few domestic studies have examined the police’s handling of protests that made use of big samples and quantitative analyses. This study is based on street-level bureaucracy theory and threat approach studies for designing variables, collects and processes huge amounts of newspaper coverage, and then does secondary analysis and logistic regression. The main results are as follows: First, major cases took place in Taipei City and major cases had one or more organizations involved in 3,088 protest event cases from 2005 to 2013. Many kinds of mass violent behavior appeared in fewer than 10% of the cases. But disputes and noise-creating behavior occurred in more than 30% of the cases. Few persons were hurt and no one died. Second, members of the police preferred to warn the persons against taking part in protest activities or preferred to leave nobody in the protest fields rather than implement actions of attack, destruction, or punishment on the protesters. Lastly, the police are likely to implement repressive measures against protests if the masses encounter the protest objects or engage in violent behavior.
Keywords: police, protest, repression, self-interest, threat.
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