Journal of Public Administration

TitleOpen Government Data and Data Management
作者Jyh-Yih Hsu, Chu-Chun Wang, Yu-Lin Liu, Hwai-Yuan Hsu

Jyh-Yih Hsu, Director, Center for Big Data, and Professor, Department of Applied Economics and Department of Management Information Systems, National Chung Hsing University.

Chu-Chun Wang, Department of Management Information Systems, National Chung Hsing University.

Yu-Lin Liu, Industry Analyst and Project Manager, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute, Institute for Information Industry.

Hwai-Yuan Hsu, Data Science Fellow, Southern California Association of Governments.


This paper discusses the challenges faced by the Taiwan government with regard to open data management. The authors propose strategies and recommendations that can be utilized by the government to promote the use of open data and increase the economic value of open data. In this study, first, the introduction of open government data is briefly presented, followed by a historical review of several foreign and domestic open government data applications; the potential challenges related to open government data are also discussed. In the second part of this study, two cases of successful open data application in Taiwan are examined to show how open government data can be formatted, released, and used for analysis by the public and private sectors: the Electronic Toll Collection Open Data and the Real Estate Transaction Open Data by the Ministry of Interior. Then, based on these case studies and the related literature on open data, we discuss the strategies for successful open government data management from the standpoints of implementation, organization types, regulations, and technology. Finally, the conclusions and policy recommendations are presented for future open data innovation and development in Taiwan government agencies.

Keywords:open government data, case study method, data economy, data formats, smart government

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