Journal of Public Administration

TitleWhy Chooses to Join the Cadets? The Role of Public Service Motivation
作者Wan-Ling Huang

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University, e-mail: whuang@mail.ntpu.edu.tw.

摘要This study aims to investigate the extent to which job security and public service motivation (PSM) determines the decision to join the Cadets among youths in Taiwan. Particular attention is paid to the explanatory power of the individual dimensions of PSM. The data for this study come from a survey of 1,791 freshmen at 27 different universities in 2015 who majored in public administration. The respondents include students who attended general universities and those who attended the Police/Military Academy. Our analysis shows that job security is still an important reason attracting the youths to join the Cadets, while overall PSM has only a limited explanatory power. However, it is found that Attraction to Public Service (APS) and Attraction to Policy Making (APM) are significantly associated with the students’ decisions if further dividing the concept of PSM into different dimensions. Respondents having a higher level of APS are more likely to join the Cadets, whereas those having a higher level of APM are less likely to do so. Our finding suggests that we should revisit Perry & Wise’s (1990) hypothesis of attraction-selection-attrition and offers practical advice about recruitment policy for the Police/Military Academy.

Keywords:job security, public service motivation, Police/Military Academy, occupational choice, administrative management
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